26 Feb 18

Thoughts, feelings
metaphors, rhyme
beautiful imagery
passage of time


Reading Challenge

Skim, scan, survey, speed read.

Read at leisure. Read for pleasure.

Read books and magazines.

Read romance, horror, thriller, fantasy,

sci-fi, comics, classics, music, art and poetry.

Read the news and the olds.

Read data, dates, diagrams and facts.

Read electronic, hard and paperbacks.

Read recipes. Read theories. Read stories.

Read titles. Read blurbs. Read scripts.

Read the small print.

Read the instructions. Read the signs.

Read the room.

Read faces and body language.

Read wisdom, truth, healing and knowledge.

Learn to read – better and between the lines.

Writer’s Block


Writer’s Block and

Mental Traffic Bottleneck ahead

following derailing

of an overground


caused by power failures at

Creative Construction Works

due to overheating of the

Central Thought-Generator

This has caused

precious Mind-Cargo

also known as Ideas

to be trapped between

a Rock and a Blank Space

thus inaccessible for retrieval

at the present time

Apologies in advance for any disruptions caused

Please follow diversions via

Memory Lane