Month: March 2016


Your precious time spent
floating inside The Mauve Mind



While sifting through old notebooks, I came across a short story I wrote for an art class when I was 14. The lesson was an introduction to surrealism, so our teacher asked us to write a short story involving metamorphosis. Here’s my updated adaptation of that story:

“It was coming up to the half-term holidays and as always my parents had the ‘great’ idea for us to spend a few days at a woodland cottage. It was their usual lame excuses of ‘family togetherness’, ‘the Great Outdoors’ and ‘time away from all that television and internet will do you good’ which made their decision final. I had a strong gut feeling this holiday was a terrible idea…


Dear Mother (For Mother’s Day)

Dear Mother,

Great Nurturer, Giver of Life,
You are my mentor,
my guide and my best friend.

Your love is unconditional,
Your patience is timeless,
Your strength is limitless,
Your sacrifices are never in vain.
You are the foundation of my being.
You keep me grounded.
You discipline me,
to be a better person.

You uplift and motivate me
to fly above all obstacles.
You comfort and protect me in bad times,
You rejoice with me in good times
You are present all the time.
You keep everything in
perfect balance.

I will always be a piece of you,
but can only hope to become
at least fraction of all that you are.
No number can measure,
all that you have given me.
No words can truly describe,
all the greatness that is You.

I will love you forever and always.


Your Little One