4 Reasons to Write

Writing – what’s the point of it exactly?

Well… it depends.

One morning while I was journaling, a question came to mind: ‘Why do I write?’ After some thought, and even more writing, I started to find some answers. Here are 4 Reasons to Write:

Reason #1 – To express yourself

Writing is an excellent medium for expressing yourself and is a great way to connect more with yourself and others. It can be used to question, explain, debate, persuade or relate to the people and world around you. Sometimes what you write becomes another representation of who you are, your values and your personality. A picture may tell a thousand words but sometimes 140 characters hold more meaning.

Reason #2 – To use your imagination

It’s exciting to get creative by delving into your imagination and turning the intangible into something real. Whether it’s a poem, a story, a riddle, a joke or ordinary prose, it serves a purpose and often leads to a generation of new ideas, a new connection or an Aha! moment for yourself or someone else who experiences what you have created.

Reason #3 – It’s therapeutic and self-reflective

Writing helps to organise and re-organise your thoughts. It is also a script, a measure and an archive of the spoken and unspoken word (thoughts).  You can draft the speech for your presentation. You can keep track of your goals. You can go back in time to observe what you were thinking and how you were performing a week ago, a year ago or even 10 years ago. It is much better to review the past from a written record than from memory alone, but everything is always different the second time around!

Reason 4# – It’s really, really fun! Who doesn’t love to have fun?

So, tell me, why do you write? What got you started and what keeps you going? I’d love to know about your experiences!


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